I didn’t choose the brunch life; the brunch life chose me.

Meet Morning Squeeze. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Morning Squeeze has been filling bellies and satisfying hungry guests for over 5 years. Searching for the perfect mix of a traditional breakfast experience (with a twist) in a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, Morning Squeeze refused to settle for anything less. Their mission to provide high quality meals with fresh, locally sourced organic ingredients has led to their continued success with two locations in Arizona

What we did:

· Strategy
· Logo Design
· Brand Identity
· Style Guide
· Print/Marketing Collateral

The Problem

We started with a client meeting asking and understanding exactly what their needs are and why. They're only request was a new menu update. During our work session we uncovered the root of the problem they were facing. Orders needed to be expedited once they were taken from customer to the kitchen. The amount of time for a customer to order and customizing specific items from the menu prolonged the process. In result, was an unhappy customer. The old menu was overwhelming and difficult to digest. This was stressful for everyone internally. What we suggested during our work session was a new look and feel that is simplified for the customer. Not only did they need a new look to the menu but we established and agreed a rebrand would be the best option. This ranged from an updated logo, menu redesigns, and marketing collateral. None of this was accomplished without the understanding of Morning Squeeze's core attributes.


With a restaurant in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale and a new location recently opened in Downtown Tempe, we had the privilege and opportunity to help make decisions to rebrand Morning Squeeze. Together we established a new look and feel of their business with key attributes in mind; Friendly, Inviting, Home, Modern, Health and Simple. Our goal was create an identity that resonates well with the customer through modern design and simplicity. Our weekly collaborative work sessions allowed us to determine, prioritize, and understand what food items from their old menus needed to be scrapped and what had to be kept. This was a huge factor in their business.

Following the new rebrand, Morning Squeeze has received numerous compliments of the new look and feel of the brand but most importantly, the results and process from orders taken to the kitchen have been more streamlined and effiecent.


Scottsdale: 21%
Tempe: 38%

Average Seating Time

Before: 1.5 - 1.75 hrs
After: 1 - 1.5 hrs

Ticket Time Efficiency

Weekdays: From 20-25 min to 10-12 min.
Weekends: From 25-45 to 15-20 min

Color & Typography

Style Guide


We built a set of icons in an outline style to be used across any marketing collateral or for future menus. Below, we showcase the process and creation by using grids and geometry. As noted above, we wanted to reflect the curves and circular form from the Morning Squeeze "Orange" in order to keep its "friendly" character.

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