Beauty by RN

Beauty by RN specializes in treatments such as botox injections and juvederm fillers to not only help shape and smooth your face but to help cure other ailments like migraines, and profuse sweating. Beauty by RN came to DSD looking to come up with a new, fresh and modern mark that represented the business’ look and feel. To accomplish this goal, Beauty by RN and DSD came together and discussed what the key attributes are for her business before any concepts were developed. Below is a quick overview of our design process.

What we did:

· Logo Redesign
· Brand Identity
· Stationery
· Collateral


As always, DSD begins with key attributes of the brand and business before any work is begun. Below are curated images to transcribe the look and feel of BBRN. The key purpose for this process is to make sure we are on the same page with the client and understand the business correctly.

Tones & Keywords: Youthful, Professional, Friendliness, Timeless, High-End, Healthy, Aesthetic,

Sketch Process

Key stages in our branding process, we explore ideas of what works to discover which shapes express the brands look and feel. Below are the top two sketches selected between design team and client.

Brand Mark

Clear Space  ·   Alignment

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